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Parts Division

 This division was launched to manufacture parts to help our company to meet cost, quality and deadline requirements for machinery developed in-house. Its reputation, however, soon grew beyond the company itself, and we now manufacture parts for other enterprises. Our relentless pursuit of greater precision and even lower costs will ensure that we continue to grow well into the future.

Because our company is founded on manufacturing creativity, the production of parts is a crucial function, directly affecting costs and delivery times for all the machinery we produce. In order to supply more cost-effective products to our clients, we give careful consideration to material qualities, processing methods and other factors when producing a preliminary quotation. This attention to detail is carried through to management of production processes, which makes full use of accumulated in-house experience. Any delays in progress in this division can have serious effects on the company’s ability to deliver products on time, so we take particular care in managing our production schedules. An exhaustive recording and reporting regime for operators rounds out our comprehensive system of management.

U.TEC Co., Ltd.
Machining Center (OKUMA 761V)1540×760×660
Machining Center (OKUMA 561V)1050×560×520
Machining Center (OKUMA 45VA)560×460×450
Machining Center (OKK)630×410×460
Machining Center (OKUMA)1050×560×520
Universal Milling Machine(YAMAZAKI)850×350×540
Milling Machine OKUMA)710×305×400
Milling Machine(MAKINO)600×260×300
Milling Machine(YAMAZAKI)1600×1220×1000
Machining Center (OKUMA M460VE)762×460×460
Machining Center (OKUMA M560V)1050×560×460
Numerically Controlled Lathe(MORISEIKI)430(199)×563L
Numerically Controlled Lathe(TAKIZAWA)510(270)×800L
Radial Drilling Machine(KOUMEI)1100L
Bench Drilling Machine
Tapping&Drilling Machine
Slotting Machine(CHUBOTEKKO)150L
Bandsawblade(AMADA 55SAⅡ)
3D Coordinate Measuring Machine RVF800A
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