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FA (Factory Automation)
A system that automates production and inspection lines in factories.
At U.TEC, we design and manufacture automatic machines, inspection machines, press-fitting machines, transfer machines, assembly machines, measuring instruments, etc., as FA equipment that realizes these, according to the customer's request.

The introduction of FA equipment is expected to significantly improve productivity because it can process various processes at speeds that exceed human work speeds.
In addition to cost reduction, it is also expected to improve inspection accuracy.This will contribute to yield improvement by reducing the percentage of defective products.As the global trend toward the DX era progresses, U.TEC will continue to play an active role as a "jack-of-all-trades" for our customers by using these FA devices.U.TEC will be your "anything and everything shop" by using these FA equipments.


As part of U.TEC structure required to solve customers' problems, the system design, electric design, parts production, assembly, and inspection departments work together to promote projects.


From the time we receive an order right through the production process, our primary concern is to keep quality, cost and schedule in line with the client's demands.
This involves gaining a firm grasp of the kind of expertise the project requires, right from the initial ordering and consultation phase. Each subsequent stage in the production process is then approached in a methodical and precise manner.


These techniques have been developed to ensure that our work is just what the client ordered.
Our approach is simple, but it's sure to keep our clients satisfied.

  • Testing Machines Testing Machines
  • Testing Machines Testing Machines
  • Automated Assemble Machines Automated Assemble Machines
  • Press Fitting Machines Press Fitting Machines