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U.TEC has worked constantly to maintain the standards of convenience and quality demanded by users.
Most users have non-standard requirements: naturally, fresh ideas and repeated trial and error are needed before finished products can be produced. It is not an easy task, but that is precisely why we have taken it on. Our early experience of trial and error has generated expertise which is now the company's prime asset.
Our motto is honing our skills for the benefit of our clients.
We use the Japanese term Benri-Daiku, which denotes a provider of solutions for users in difficulty: a handy and convenient service which customers find approachable.
We take pride in being a "Benri-Daiku", and will continue to do so. We will also work to further develop our skills and deliver high value-added products to all users.

Tadayuki Hatano, President



We aim to meet users'needs in terms of quality, cost and schedule.

From the time we receive an order right through the production process, our primary concern is to keep quality, cost and schedule in line with the client's demands.
Almost all our products are first-time, once-off creations: it is vital that the production plan is followed to the letter at all stages and by all sections if we are to create a product which matches client expectations.
This involves gaining a firm grasp of the kind of expertise the project requires, right from the initial ordering and consultation phase. Each subsequent stage in the production process is then approached in a methodical and precise manner.
These techniques have been developed to ensure that our work is just what the client ordered. Our approach is simple, but it's sure to keep our clients satisfied.